5th World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics 2011

February 9-13, 2011



After four successful World Conferences on 21st Century Mathematics, the Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS) is now planning to hold the 5th Conference in 2011. The theme of this Conference is 21st Century Mathematics 2011. Conferences provide an opportunity for transmission of knowledge based on latest research and are considered as an essential part of academic programmes of all good universities. As a member of the group of persons associated with the setting up of ASSMS, I am happy to see that the School is now working according to the professional norms of research institutes. I am also glad to learn that many scientists and young mathematicians shall participate in this conference. The next Conference should be a good occasion for them to share the latest knowledge in the field of mathematics.

The role of basic sciences in the development of modern technologies is widely accepted. In advanced economies, it was abundant practical skills, based on scientific knowledge and technologies that rendered industrial output and economic growth which the world had not seen in the past. Without any doubt, behind the industrial and economic miracles were the rapid advances in basic sciences and none among them is more important than mathematics.

As a pioneer institution of modern education, GCU, Lahore has been in the forefront of promoting all natural sciences, particularly mathematics. The Ravians are well known for their excellence in research and contributions to the world of science and technology. GCU, Lahore has the honour of producing scientists and teachers like Prof. Abdus Salam, the Nobel Laureate - who taught mathematics and specialized in Theoretical Physics. I hope that the grand academic traditions set by such persons will be further strengthened by this Conference.

Organizing an International Conference is always a big challenge and I am confident that the Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences would hold this conference to the expectations of the world academic community. I extend my congratulations to the organizers of the Conference and wish them all success.

Vice Chancellor
GC University Lahore

MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT: Organizing Committee.

The Success stories of the World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009 and a specialized Inequalities Conference were indeed very much encouraging for a large number of Pakistani Institutions of Higher Education and Research. This sparked an enthusiasm through out the country and even abroad in the neighbouring countries for organizing the mathematical events. Consequently a large number of professionally beneficent events were organized by different Universities and Centers in Pakistan. 5th World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics 2011 is organized with the same spirit and goals.

The Conference is jointly organized by the Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS), GC University Lahore, National Center for Mathematics, Higher Education Commission Pakistan, International Mathematical Union (IMU) and UNESCO, in collaboration with ICTP, Trieste, Italy. On behalf of the Organizers of the Conference, it is with great pleasure that I welcome all participants of the 5th World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics 2011.

I hope that Conference on 21st Century Mathematics will be fruitful and enjoyable for the participants.

President, Organizing Committee
5th World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics 2011
Director General
Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences
E-mail: choudary@cwu.edu